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A Letter from our President


I am taking up a role that I have great respect for (mostly at a distance) until I joined the St. Petersburg Business League (S.P.B.L.) in 2017. Since then, I have worked passionately for this incredible organization. Whatever the task, I felt very proud to be a part of the team at S.P.B.L, and my role change deepens the bond already in place today.

The challenge ahead is a big one for all of us. We all know and sense how fast our world stage and economic realities are changing. The time pressure is on, and the expectations are high from all sides – our partners, the members, and the communities.

Initially, the primary stakeholder groups who are my main focus are our partners, members, and you, my valued colleagues. We have to make decisions faster and more clearly. We have to collaborate better, and we have to demonstrate team spirit and be open to change to achieve our most important goals. Namely, to Educate, Empower, and Facilitate funding, networking, and becoming a bridge for personal and professional growth and success.

For the balance of 2019 we will;

  • Revise our internal processes to eliminate bureaucracy and duplication.

  • Optimize and morph our website into a portal for businesses and individuals aspiring to start their own business.

  • Launch a Youth Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.

  • Drive new S.P.B.L. memberships.

  • Ensure monthly engagement with current members for interactive feedback sessions as requested.

  • Grow Networking Partnerships across like organizations for best end-to-end community development efforts.

On that note, I’m looking forward to working with you, and I am available to meet with you or your teams as needed as we go forward.

-President Shana Hills

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To enable sustainable economic growth through collaboration and trade amongst black-owned businesses and communities


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